How To Store Fresh Baked Christmas Cookies

red green and blue frosted christmas cookies.

I never knew how to store freshly baked cookies. Should I freeze the cookies or do they belong in an old-fashioned cookie jar? Oh, wait! Maybe the cookies are supposed to be stored in an airtight container or heavy-duty freezer bag. Hmmm… so many choices. 

What is the best way to store your beautiful fresh baked homemade cookies?

Some Different Factors

There are various factors to consider when you are deciding how to store your fresh cookies. So before you reach for the aluminum foil or plastic containers read on.

When you are deciding how to store cookies to ensure freshness you need to consider things such as the type of cookie, and ingredients used. I never knew this! Here are some general guidelines on storing cookies for the holidays.

Cookie Type

I have never met a cookie I didn’t love!

Soft Cookies

Cookies that are inherently soft or chewy, such as sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies, tend to stay fresh longer.


Crisp Cookies

Cookies like biscotti or thin, crispy cookies might have a longer shelf life due to their texture.


Cookies with ingredients that retain moisture, such as brown sugar, molasses, or honey, often stay fresher for a longer time.


This is straight from the US Department of Agriculture website – Bakery or homemade cookies can be stored at room temperature for two to three weeks or two months in the refrigerator. Cookies retain their quality when stored in the freezer for eight to 12 months. Moist bars, such as cheesecake and lemon bars, can be refrigerated for seven days. For best quality, store bars in the freezer for two to three months.


I love to freeze my cookies. Why? Because they thaw at room temperature in very little time. I have been known to eat a cookie straight from the freezer – on many occasions I must admit.

My ginger cookies going from the parchment baking paper into a resealable freezer bag.

My ginger cookies went from the parchment baking paper into a resealable freezer bag. These cookies always come out of the freezer just as tasty as eating warm from the oven.

Many cookies freeze well. Place cookies in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze until solid. Then transfer them to a freezer-safe container, separating layers with parchment paper. Thaw cookies at room temperature before serving.

If you plan to freeze your cookies my research says the best way is to place the cookies in sealable plastic freezer bags

Put your cooled fresh baked cookies in sealable plastic freezer containers, in other words, these containers are designed for the freezer.

Room Temperature vs. Refrigeration

Your favorite cookie jar that you bring out every holiday season and have been using since your first Christmas is probably the worst way to store your cookies. The key to keeping cookies is to minimize the cookie’s exposure to air. 

A clever workaround for this is to store your cookies in an airtight resealable plastic bag

cookies with a jam center

Perishable Cookies

Cookies made with more perishable ingredients, like ricotta cookies, jam cookies, or meringue cookies, will need cooler temperatures within a few hours of baking. Look to the fridge (or freezer) if they’ll be around longer.

Can You Freeze Cookie Dough?

I certainly freeze any cookie dough I make cookies with because baking is a precise art and to do so correctly takes up my valuable time. Doubling my cookie recipes and freezing half is my habit. The half of dough I freeze gets shaped like the supermarket cookies you buy all made in the dairy section of the store.

Sometimes I make the roll of cookie dough a square shape because it is easier. The shape doesn’t matter because before you bake the thawed cookie dough you can reshape it.

A trick is to slice the cookie dough before it is completely thawed. It can get messy otherwise. As soon as I can get my sharp knife through the frozen cookie dough I cut equal-sized slices in preparation to bake.

I am slicing frozen cookie dough before it thaws because it is easier to cut. The cookie dough is shown on a wood cutting board

Stale cookies

If you did not read these tips and you find yourself with dried-out, stale cookies don’t panic! You can reheat some different types of cookies. Softer cookies can come right back to life after a little pop in the oven or microwave.

To best option to thaw a soft cookie in the microwave is to put a single cookie on a microwave-safe dish, put a damp paper towel on top, and reheat for a few seconds. 

If you want your dried-out cookies to be a little bit crispy opt for bringing the cookies back to life in a conventional oven set a 350. Put the cookies on a cookie sheet and place in the oven for a couple of minutes.

Check out this article about gathering with friends to bake and share some fun holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes!

colorful macaroon cookies- pink, blue, green and golden yellow- Yum!

If you are lucky enough to have the magnificent macaron cookie check out French chefs Yami & Anthony from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Pastreez chefs sell & ship macarons daily and are considered to be macaron experts. 

I am hungry just writing about all these cookies! I am going to my freezer to take out one of my famous handmade ginger cookies with buttercream frosting!

Remember that these are general guidelines, and individual recipes may vary. Always check specific recipes for any unique storage recommendations. Additionally, consider the climate in your location, as high humidity can affect the freshness of cookies.

Enjoy your holiday baking & Bon Appetit!

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