Explore the Lighthouses from Boston to the Cape

Let’s take a trip from Boston to Cape Cod, where you can see some of the most iconic lighthouses in New England. Explore the unique beauty and charm of each lighthouse along the way as we experience the magic of New England’s coastal treasures.


Boston Harbor is home to 3 lighthouses, however, you have to view them from the water. Visit BostonHarborIslands.org to find ferry service to the Boston Harbor Islands.

Boston Lighthouse on Little Brewster Island is in Boston Harbor, MA
The historic Boston Light overlooks the sea from Little Brewster Island, casting a light beam 27 miles into the Atlantic. This is the oldest continually used and last staffed lighthouse in the country, which dates back to the Revolutionary War. The structure was built by Massachusetts in 1716.

The Graves Lighthouse
The Graves Light is a lighthouse located on Graves Island, the outermost island of the Boston Harbor Islands. For reference this is about 9 miles offshore of downtown Boston MA.
The tallest of the three lighthouses in Boston Harbor, the Graves is located at the main entrance to Boston Harbor, and continues its tradition as a navigational aid, though now automated.
Visitors are discouraged due to shaky rocks and surf.

Long Island Light is located on Long Island, the largest island in Boston Harbor in area.


Scituate has 2 lighthouses! In fact I am sitting at my desk and looking over my right shoulder at the historic Scituate Lighthouse. In front of me is Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse. Yes I do know how lucky I am!

Minot Light

Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse flashes a 1-4-3 sequence meaning, “I love you.” This light, just off the shore of Minot Beach is nicknamed “Lover’s Light” or the “I Love You Light.”

You can see it best while driving down Surfside Road in the Minot neighborhood of Scituate.

Old Scituate Light

To visit Scituate Lighthouse head toward Scituate Harbor and make your way over to Lighthouse Road. There you will find a little free parking lot and lots of friendly people. The lighthouse offers tours a couple times during the summer.
Read all about this historic light by our light keeper and friend Bob Gallagher.
Please be advised the top of lighthouse is temporarily removed and plans for the new top are scheduled to be installed in August 2023.
Would you like to see the fun day Scituate Lost its Top?

Duxbury | Plymouth

Gurnet Light

Gurnet Light was first built in 1768


Nauset Light is located in Eastham MA.
Nauset Light dates back to 1877 and was moved to this current site from Chatham MA. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The history of this old light and the hope for its future is very interesting.
Climbing the tower is permitted.  Admission is free and donations are accepted.


Wings Neck Light in Pocasset, MA
The views from Wings Neck are breathtaking! This peninsula extends to Buzzards Bay at the
entrance to Cape Cod. Located in Sagamore, MA Wings Neck Lighthouse was in operation from 1889 to 1945. This is now a private residence.
At times this property has been offered as a rental. Now how fun would it be to stay here!


Chatham Light is located in Chatham, Ma
Chatham Light was known as the twin lights back in the day.
The original tower was built in 1088. Visitors are welcome to Chatham light at certain times of the year.
The Coast Guard offers information.

North Truro

Highland Light is located in North Truro, MA
George Washington commissioned this lighthouse and Highland Light was the twentieth light in the country!
Visitor Tours are generally scheduled in the late spring.


Race Point Lighthouse is located in Provincetown MA
Race Point Lighthouse is about a 2 mile walk from The Race Point Beach parking lot. It is natural ground and the walk may not be advised for everyone. If you have the proper permits you are allowed to travel to the lighthouse using your ORV vehicle.
The lighthouse was open for tours at certain times before Covid. Best to check the current schedule before setting out.

Now for the real Fun! Hop on a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Islands!

Gay Head Light is located in Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard, MA
This history is fascinating and includes the Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton and President John Adams. Hamilton was granted $570 by Congress for the Gay Head Light to be erected. 570 Dollars!
The Gay Head Light is generally open to the public Memorial Day through Columbus Day Weekend. Always best to check schedule before making plan

Edgartown Light is located in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard, MA
This light was constructed in 1828 and automated in 1939.
The Edgartown Harbor Light was awarded the honor and title of The Edgartown National Register of Historic Places in 1987

Brant Point Light is located in Nantucket, MA
Brant Point Lighthouse was erected in 1746. Located at the entrance to Nantucket Harbor Brant Point Light is the oldest light on Nantucket. It is only 26 feet in height making it in the smallest lighthouse in New England. Small but mighty!
This light is not open to the public. Pretty to see though for sure!

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