Things to do during April School Vacation on the South Shore | 2023

Looking for fun and engaging activities to keep your kids entertained during their April school vacation? Whether you’re staying home or planning a family trip, there are plenty of options to keep your little ones busy and happy. From outdoor adventures to indoor crafts and games, here are some ideas to make the most of your time off with the kids.


Skyzone has a trampoline Park with a new Air Court, a basketball court with an air-filled floor that allows for tricks and stunts. Sounds pretty cool!

101 Kingston Collection Way, Kingston Collection Mall

Boston Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is always a fun and educational place to visit. Check your local library in advance, because many libraries have a limited number of free passes.

Buttonwood Park Zoo

The zoo is hosting a Party for the Planet on April 22, and will feature games, raffles, live music, face painting and more!

425 Hawthorn St, New Bedford

My Gym

Kids doing gymnastics during April school vacation

Check out Fun Days during April vacation, these 2.5 to 3 hour days include gynmastics, arts and crafts and more.

790 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Cohasset

South Shore Conservatory of Music

Free Music Together® Pop-up Class on April 18 at Derby St Shoppes, Tuesday, April 18.

Derby Street, Hingham

Swan Boats

Swan Boats in Boston, a great place to take the kids during April school vacation

The Swan Boats at the Boston Public Garden open on April 15, just in time for spring break. Always a family favorite!

4 Charles St, Boston

Tell the Kids to Take a Hike

Of course, you’re going with them, right? Check out our favorite dog-walking trails, the kids are allowed to walk here, too!

Crafts at Home

Save some money and have some craft supplies ready for school vacation week. Here’s a few ideas to keep the kiddos busy.

Painted Rocks

This is about as easy as they come. Grab some acrylic paints at Dollar Tree and gather up some flat rocks. Have the kids wear some old clothes (and if the weather cooperates, send them outside). Some ideas for painted rocks: make the rock look like a turtle shell or a ladybug. Or just swirl some colors around on the rock, wait for it to dry and add a heart or your name. Painted rocks look especially pretty in the garden.

Tin Can Windsocks

Wash out a tin can and cut out both ends. Splash some paint around the outside of the can, making stripes, polka dots and swirls. Glue the ends of some ribbon strips around the bottom of the can, making long streamers. Punch 2 holes at opposite sides of the top of the can, thread string through the holes to make a loop, and hang the can in the wind.

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