Encountering the Giants of the Sea | Unforgettable Whale Watching Tours

If you’re looking for an unforgettable, fun, and educational family day on the South Shore, a whale watching trip is a must-try activity! You’ll surround yourself with stunning coastal scenery and diverse marine life as you get up close to watch these majestic creatures breach and play in their natural habitat.

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North American Right whale watching tours

New England Aquarium Whale Watches

From mid-May through November, New England Aquarium Whale Watches sail to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, a rich feeding ground for whales, dolphins, sea birds, and other marine creatures. Stellwagen is home to many species of large whales, including humpbacks, finbacks, and minkes, and the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. New England Aquarium naturalists will share knowledge, answer your questions, and explain the fascinating behaviors of these truly magnificent mammals. Their custom whale watch catamarans are among the largest and most comfortable in the country. They’re also incredibly stable, and feature outside viewing decks as well as a climate-controlled interior cabin with cushy seats and snack bar. City Experience is the company that books the whale watches for the Aquarium.

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Cap’t John Whale Watch

Cap’t John Whale Watch in Plymouth offers a knowledgeable naturalist-guided four-hour experience to Stellwagen Bank, a marine sanctuary and one of the primary feeding grounds for humpback whales, finback whales, pilot whales, minke whales, and the endangered right whales. Plymouth excursions leave from Town Wharf.

10 Town Wharf

Elizabeth Marie Charters

Elizabeth Marie Charters in Scituate offers Boston Whale Watching Tours. They typically see humpback, finback, and minke whales, along with a wide variety of sea birds and sometimes seals, porpoises, basking sharks, and ocean sunfish. Leaving out of Scituate, MA, south of Boston, they’re conveniently located near different whale areas. Trips are typically six hours long, and all departures are from Mill Wharf in Scituate Harbor at 7 am and return at 1 pm.

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Labrador Fishing Charters

Labrador Fishing Charters out of Scituate is a source for fishing guides and services. Based out of the Mill Wharf Marina in downtown Scituate, they have easy access to some of the finest and most fertile fishing grounds on the east coast including the Boston area, Stellwagen Bank, Cape Cod Bay, Jeffreys Ledge, Wildcat Knoll, Race Point, and Platts Bank/Three Dory Ledge. In these waters, you will find some of the best tuna, shark, bluefish, striped bass, codfish, haddock, flounder, and fluke fishing in Massachusetts Bay and the entire Gulf of Maine. Their whale watching tours are ideal for photography enthusiasts, as they will have the chance to take up-close shots of whales and different seabirds in action.

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Hyannis Whale Watch Cruises

Hyannis Whale Watch Cruises out of Barnstable Harbor, which is gorgeous, offers three to four-hour cruises. They started in 1980, and the Whale Watcher was designed specifically for whale watching in New England waters. She is 130 feet long by 28 feet wide and is powered by five water jets. This configuration makes her very fast and highly maneuverable. Her design also protects whales and other marine life because there are no external propellers. These attributes make the Whale Watcher the largest, fastest, and safest whale watch vessel operating on Cape Cod. For passengers’ comfort, the Whale Watcher has three viewing levels with over 650 feet of rail space for viewing, two sun decks, and bench seating throughout.The climate-controlled interior cabins feature tables with cushioned seating, and flat-screen monitors.

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